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Choosing Your Mobile Friendly Website

It’s more vital than ever before for your business to have a mobile-friendly website.

From April 21st 2015 Google has been assessing “mobile friendliness” of websites, and possibly lowering their rank in the search engines.

How To Tell If Your Site Is Mobile Friendly

How does YOUR site fare?  Let’s ask Google 🙂

Click HERE and enter your website’s URL so that Google can tell you if your site is mobile friendly or not.

ALL the sites we design are mobile friendly, but if your site didn’t pass the test, it’s never too late to update it.

If your business has simple requirements and no need for detailed informational content and regular updates, our “mobile websites” design may be just what you’re looking for.

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Choosing Your Bespoke Website

If you plan to use your website like an online catalogue and update it regularly we recommend using a blog as your website. Here’s why:

Reasons To Use A Blog As Your Website

1. Search Engine Marketing – Because of their volume of text, and because they are updated regularly, blogs are one of the best tools you can use to attract organic (free) search engine traffic.

2. Direct Connection – Blogs enable you to connect with your audience in a manner that’s different from articles and social networking. It is YOUR blog, you can use it to promote whatever you like, when you like. Stamp YOUR personality on it.

3. Brand Building – Generally people buy from people they like and feel they can relate to. Personality marketing is easily achieved via your own blog. It’s sometimes referred to as “Know, like and trust”.

4. Niche Specific – Your blog allows you to fine tune your niche to a very specific market and audience.

5. Media & Public Relations – Blogs are great tools for the media to get to know you, become aware of you and contact you.

6. Expert Status – A blog provides you with repeated opportunities for publication and the ability to showcase your knowledge and expertise. (We also buy from people we perceive to be experts.)

7. Low cost – Blogs offer a low start-up cost to get online. You just need a domain name and hosting and you can be up and running.

8. Easy To Maintain Yourself – Blogs are much easier for the “man in the street” to maintain himself. With a well set up, professionally designed site, you have the perfect canvas on which to build, with no need to use further web design services unless you have specific needs.

You can achieve some really attractive designs for a surprisingly low cost.

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What Is Internet Marketing?

Getting your website on-line is only the first step in making sales.

Once it’s set up you will need to think about how to bring – and keep visitors, and how to turn them into customers. Then repeat customers!

Here are some of the methods to consider:

  • Publishing regularly on your site will encourage the search engines to visit you and look for new content
  • “Search Engine Optimisation” – structuring your posts in such a way as to encourage the search engines (Google, Bing etc) to find your site
  • Email marketing using an auto-responder to send newsletters and follow-ups
  • Video Marketing
  • Social Media marketing using sites such a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+

As an aside, if you’re tempted to think that you don’t need your own website when sites such as Facebook are offering business pages for free, remember that if you’re operating in Facebook’s space, THEY set the rules, not you. Break those rules – even innocently, and they can shut you down. The rules change so fast I won’t even try to list them here.

Social media sites are great free resources, but their purpose should ALWAYS be to attract potential visitors on YOUR website. That little spot of the web that you rent out, in your hosting account.

We have many training courses to offer you – just ask.

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