Best Book for Cloud Accounting Software

Looking for the best book for accounting software? Here are books for the 3 market leaders in the UK.

If you have a small business in the UK, you can't help but have noticed that Making Tax Digital (MTD) arrived for some businesses in April 2019, with the threat / promise (according to your point of view) that it will be rolled out to other, smaller, businesses at a date to be advised.

So, whatever the size of your business it makes sense to start planning how to be ready. Quite apart from the fact that using a cloud based accounting software package will bring its own efficiencies to your business.

But which one to choose? The three main contenders for the prize of best cloud accounting software package are:

  • Xero
  • Quickbooks
  • Sage

You COULD take a trial of all of these, but that's time consuming, and I'm guessing you don't really want to spend your time trying 3 different accounting packages, or paying for your staff to do the same.

Another scenario is that your accountant has recommended one of the market leaders and you want a heads-up, or a reference book to give to your staff.

Yes – there are online videos and training, but many prefer a good old book that you can flip through and refer back to at leisure, rather than watching endless videos that, after 10 minutes of waffle, never QUITE seem to answer the question you want answering.

So here are 3 very affordable books on each of these packages. (My preferred package is Xero, but do your own research.)

Best Book for Xero Accounting Software

Considering switching to Xero Cloud Based Accounting Software?

First you will no doubt want to learn more about Xero, and what better way to do it than with the popular “For Dummies” series.

Best Book for Sage Accounting Software

Best Book for Quickbooks Accounting Software