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Choosing Your Bespoke Website

If you plan to use your website like an online catalogue and update it regularly we recommend using a blog as your website. Here’s why:

Reasons To Use A Blog As Your Website

1. Search Engine Marketing – Because of their volume of text, and because they are updated regularly, blogs are one of the best tools you can use to attract organic (free) search engine traffic.

2. Direct Connection – Blogs enable you to connect with your audience in a manner that’s different from articles and social networking. It is YOUR blog, you can use it to promote whatever you like, when you like. Stamp YOUR personality on it.

3. Brand Building – Generally people buy from people they like and feel they can relate to. Personality marketing is easily achieved via your own blog. It’s sometimes referred to as “Know, like and trust”.

4. Niche Specific – Your blog allows you to fine tune your niche to a very specific market and audience.

5. Media & Public Relations – Blogs are great tools for the media to get to know you, become aware of you and contact you.

6. Expert Status – A blog provides you with repeated opportunities for publication and the ability to showcase your knowledge and expertise. (We also buy from people we perceive to be experts.)

7. Low cost – Blogs offer a low start-up cost to get online. You just need a domain name and hosting and you can be up and running.

8. Easy To Maintain Yourself – Blogs are much easier for the “man in the street” to maintain himself. With a well set up, professionally designed site, you have the perfect canvas on which to build, with no need to use further web design services unless you have specific needs.

You can achieve some really attractive designs for a surprisingly low cost. Below are some examples. You would obviously use images to your own requirements, which is where the bespoke element of our service comes in. Price after initial discussion.

Click HERE to learn more.

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Welcome to, a family run business established in 1979 and trading successfully since then.

Having started out (and still serving customers with bespoke software and accounting systems) our new mission is to transform the online experience of small businesses, saving them:

  • Time
  • Money
  • Stress

Our Mission

We want to turn you into a raving fan, by saving you from the unanticipated problems facing small businesses when they start out on-line if they take a “DIY” approach.

Our philosophy is to let experts do the initial task of setting up your website because:

  • It’s a one-off task you should never need to do again, so why waste time learning complicated stuff you’ll probably never do again?
  • Those brave souls who DO navigate the mire of setting up their own site are unlikely to do as good a job as a professional who has done it many times before. The result of a DIY site is almost always sub-optimal. You’ll probably find, as your knowledge grows, you need to re-do many things we would do for you as standard.

Our approach is to encourage you to have a professionally set up site to start with and then you have three choices:

  • You can learn how to manage it yourself and need never involve us again
  • We will teach you how to do the regular tasks such as adding articles and routine maintenance
  • We can manage your site for you completely. All you need do is supply the content for your articles

We suggest that, at the very least, you will commission us to set up your site in the first instance, and set you on the road to maintaining it yourself. Then you can make your own choice after that.

The sooner your site is online, the sooner you can be working on your own business – which is what you’re best at.

Determined to Set Up Your Own Site?

Here’s a list of some of the skills you will need to learn to set up your own website from scratch.

  • Choosing a good domain name
  • Registering your domain name with a registrar
  • Choosing a web host provider
  • Setting up your DNS to connect your domain to your web host provider
  • Setting up and configuring a pop email account
  • Sourcing attractive images that don’t violate copyright
  • Deciding which is the best platform / style for your site
  • Learning how to install your website platform
  • Using FTP to upload files from your computer to your web host provider’s server
  • Setting up a sales page and order link with PayPal if you want to sell online
  • Setting up thank you pages
  • HTML (unless you are using a blogging platform such as WordPress)
  • Installing a free WordPress blog
  • Using your WordPress blog
  • Which plugins to use – and how to avoid ones that slow down your site
  • How to make and edit articles and pages for your site
  • Adding an auto-responder and squeeze page to collect your most valuable resource
  • Creating the title tag and meta tags for your website
  • Optimizing your website for search engines – keyword density and content
  • Submitting your site to the search engines
  • Should you use affiliate programs?
  • Creating redirects for your affiliate links to shorten them
  • Connecting your site to your social media accounts
  • Engaging with your prospect and clients to encourage (repeat) sales
  • Using RSS feeds

Instead of spending weeks or months trying to figure out these skills by yourself, we hope you will choose one of our services.